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Timeless Fancy Rose-cut Diamond Rings

Timeless Fancy Rose-cut Diamond Rings

10th May 2021

Our Timeless Collection is a popular choice for wedding bands and engagement ring styles. The new definition of timeless design, this collection takes classic shapes, settings, and designs and melds them with a variety of metals, textures, and techniques to create pieces with a universal style.

Many of the rings from our Timeless Collection are made using rose-cut center stones. This is an older style of cutting gemstones that started back in the 1500’s when diamonds were cut with a flat bottom and faceted on the top. Some rose-cut diamonds are taken from older jewelry, and modern ones come in unusual shapes and different colors.

The beauty about the rose-cut diamond and gemstone is that because of the flat bottom, it is a great choice if you would like to stack your rings to be flush together with the overlapping center stone. The 3-ring set above was featured in Vogue magazine and has an orange-ish center diamond.

The rings shown on the bench below are made with rose-cut colored center diamonds and rubies. Each of these stunning engagement rings (or stacking rings for a different finger) has a different colored one-of-a-kind rose-cut diamond center stone. They are made in 18K rose & yellow gold and palladium with brilliant-cut and raw diamond side stones. You can see more work on the bench at

We enjoy each of our Collections to be slightly different, with the possibility of combining elements from a few of them at a time. Our Timeless stacking rings with rose-cut diamonds also go great with bands from our other Collections!

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