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Client Images

Pictured below are some client images along with some descriptions and
short stories about the jewelry-making process. You can see more photos and read the full stories about Dejan Studio Jewelry creations on our blog at


Nikolina photographed her rings beautifully in nature. The engagement ring Timeless II is in palladium with a rose-cut yellow diamond center stone and over 1 1/3 weight of diamonds. The bubble ring Precious XXI is in white gold with diamonds.

Nan and John's Wedding Photos

These wedding photographs from Nan & John are taken in Wyoming. They made an appointment to come from Richmond for Nan's commission wedding bands and a matching pendant made in gold with sapphires and diamonds. We created two matching bands to go around Nan's unique engagement ring.

John & Nan's Rings

Here is a photo of the happy couples hands! Congratulations to Nan and John from Richmond!


Pictured here is a commission earring made in white gold, using Sumiko's triangular diamond to create the point for a completely unique arrow earring.

John & Molly's Anniversary Ring

Molly & John were passing through Old Town Alexandria traveling on their way back to Washington state when they stopped by our studio in the Torpedo Factory. They decided to commission rings to wear with their wedding bands for their 25th wedding anniversary.


On the left is a beautiful image of a wedding ring commission that I created for a bride, pictured with the groom's band made by Marlene True. Commission LVIII is in platinum with 18K yellow gold, a 1.55 carat yellow diamond, and 1/5 carat white diamonds.


The middle image is of my client Paul wearing both of his commission rings. The ring on the left hand side is made in palladium with over 3 ¼ ct. of gray and white diamonds. The silver ring on the right has around 1 ct. of diamonds. Love it!

9coffeeandcommission764x288.jpg bluesapphire765x425.jpg

Pictured above are some creative photos from a happy lady with her engagement ring. The ring is Commission XLIV, a 14K white gold engagement ring with a 1 carat center sapphire provided by the client and 15 pt. side diamonds.


This is Commission LXX, made using a client's family gold and a family red star sapphire stone. The image in the middle is a beautiful photo from the client wearing her commission wedding band.

11-commissionring270x355.jpg commissionring268x309.jpg

Here are a few images of a happy bride wearing a 14K rose gold commission wedding band I made, along with the commission process, A Ring in Three Steps:
The first step is the client's sketch for an engagement ring, with the vision of combining three rings into one; the second is my drawing as approved by the client; and the third is the finished ring in red, gold, and different gem stones, as the client requested. The idea of combining three rings into one was complex and challenging.
I did it, the client is very happy, and the good news is that his fiancée said yes! Congratulations to the happy couple!


This Commission Mokume Gane (mixed metals) ring with diamonds made it safely to my client Machteld's hand in the Netherlands.


The image in the middle above shows Branka from California wearing her beautiful new blackened sterling silver bracelet from the Genius of Nature Collection. I used diamonds from a pair of her earrings to create this look.
Pictured on the right is a sterling silver bracelet with diamonds from the Spanish Steps collection, which also looks great with the blackener option!

precious767x292.jpg precious2-768x307.jpg

Above is a ring from the Precious Collection, along with some beautiful wedding images from the client. The engagement ring is platinum with 1/3 carat side diamonds and a 1 carat center stone, shown with a platinum men's "river" wedding band from the Genius of Nature Collection for the groom.


Here is a photo of the groom from the wedding above, excited to wear his cuff links from the Genius of Nature Collection. They were a wedding gift to match the texture on his wedding band. All the groomsmen wore matching cuff links. Thank you so much to Dan and Mathann for giving me an opportunity to be such a big part of this special day & for the beautiful photographs!


Shown on the left are a few clients during a hammer ring making class by Dejan. Pictured in the middle are 3 happy friends, Pattie, Linell, & Rogene, showing off their Dejan Studio Jewelry creations. Close up versions of 2 of the commission rings are pictured to the right.


Directly above are some bubble ring commissions with diamonds, from the Precious Collection. On the left, we have a bubble ring wedding set. Pictured on top are 2 more happy couples with their beautiful rings! We have on the top left, a couple with rings in 18K yellow gold, with rose-cut diamonds for her. To the right, for the men's ring we have a band in rose gold and palladium. The woman's ring is made in palladium with diamonds.



On the left are 3 rings in a set on a client's hand. The center one is a newer one in 18K gold, Genius of Nature CI, with 2 rings in platinum from the Precious Collection.
To the right is a commission for a pendant made of 18k gold, silver and diamonds- a wedding gift from Merrick to Lisa inspired by the location of their wedding and Lisa's home, the Caribbean island of Curaçao. Congratulations Merrick and Lisa!


Before and After: Here I transformed diamonds from an old family ring (on the right), provided by a client from Austrailia, to create something more modern based on a ring from Genius of Nature.


So nice to see such happy faces in this client photo collage! Raf organized a surprise proposal to Aimee at the same place in New York where they had their first date several years ago. Congratulations! It was a great pleasure to work with the Martinez/Palladino family to create this beautiful platinum ring with a family diamonds. The center diamond is over 1 ct. with about 1/10 ct. side diamonds.


These wedding ring photographs are from the couple getting engaged above, Aimee and Raf. The groom's band is in 14K yellow gold with raw diamonds from the Timeless Collection. The women's wedding band and engagement ring is made in platinum with family diamonds. These 3 photos were taken by Stephanie Haller from Ahava Studios.


Here are some beautiful images from Aimee's brother, Mike, proposing to Arielle. How Romantic!


The ring from the proposal above is on the left, made in platinum with diamonds and sapphires. In the middle, there is a Dejan Studio Jewelry creation for everyone in the family, and pictured to the right is an engagement ring for one of the lucky ladies in the photo. It is in 18K yellow gold with diamonds, based in the Precious Collection.


This stylish photo is of a client wearing Genius of Nature LXXII, a lava ring in sterling silver. The version of this ring shown close up on the right is in blackened silver. She is also wearing Timeless XLIV earrings in silver.


Using a client's opal, the commission on the left is a ring made in 18K gold and silver. In the middle is a client wearing Commission X, a platinum engagement ring with a beautiful 90pt. center pear-shaped diamond from the client and 1/4 carat side diamonds. On the right, a client is trying on 4 different rings made in 18K gold with different types of diamonds.


Commission XXXVIII is a men's wedding band based on the Spanish Steps Collection. It is made in 18K yellow gold and palladium with 2.5 ct. diamond.


Rosa and Sky look wonderful in their beautiful commission wedding set from the Rope Collection.


These engagement photos show a beautiful couple who is getting married in India. I designed the engagement ring and band on the left, Commission XL, an 18K yellow gold engagement ring with a 1 1/3 ct. emerald-cut diamond and two baguettes, and an 18K yellow gold wedding band with 0.4 ct. raw diamonds. On the right is the groom's wedding band, Commission LXXI, a Mokume Gane ring in palladium, 18K gold, and silver.


Shown above is Commission XLVI, a wedding band set for Kathy Garcia and her fiancé. They are made of palladium, with over 1.2 ct. total diamonds.

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