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Custom Jewelry Design Inspired by You

Trends come and go, but jewelry that expresses individuality will always be in style. Dejan Studio Jewelry specializes in creating one-of-a-kind pieces that tell your story for years to come. We are happy to design and make your celebration pieces, including wedding bands and engagement rings. We create our one-of-a-kind jewelry designs in our working artist studio in the Torpedo Factory on the Old Town Alexandria waterfront.

Crafted by hand using time-honored techniques combined with modern technology, our artisan fine jewelry is made from the most exquisite choices of uniquely cut gemstones, sparkling diamonds, pearls, opals, and more.

Browse our selection of textured, wearable sculptures. Contact us to schedule an appointment to custom design a piece of jewelry that fits your personality and taste, and let your true self shine through our custom jewelry designs.

Timeless Jewelry for Precious Memories

We are a unique jewelry designer specializing in custom-designed celebration pieces, wedding bands, and engagement rings. All of our creations are 100% customizable.

Who said jewelry was just for women? Our custom jewelry designs for men exhibit artisanal workmanship at its best. Dejan Studio Jewelry wedding bands, cufflinks, and pendants provide luxurious accents to any ensemble. Look at our modern men’s designs that combine medieval metalsmithing and contemporary design.

Whether you want a distinctive heirloom that will be passed down to future generations or just want to glam up an outfit with an eye-catching necklace, our artisan fine jewelry lets you own something beautiful that will be made only once. Don’t be afraid to explore different designs, colors, and cuts to find the perfect piece.

From medieval to modern, we can create your very own bespoke design piece through our custom jewelry design service. We are sculpturally trained artists who use all kinds of techniques to bring any design to life. Just share your inspirations with us and we’ll work with you to create the piece of your dreams.

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Our Custom Jewelry Design Process

All our pieces are unique and 100% customizable. Come to us with specific designs or old jewelry you want to adapt to suit your personal style. We craft each piece to personalized perfection through a tried and tested process:

1. Request an Appointment

Speak to an artist about your design in person or through video chat on Zoom or Facetime.

2. Approve the Design

After we set up benchmarks for your design, we will provide you with 3D drawings for your approval. If needed, we can also create prototypes for you to try on in our studio before proceeding with the production of the final piece.

3. Production

We use a high-tech printing process to create detailed wax models before casting each piece in precious metal, and can also hand carve from wax when appropriate for the project.

Prolong the Life of Your Jewelry

Our range of techniques and experience as a unique jewelry designer allows us to fulfill all kinds of custom jewelry design, repurposing, and repair needs.

Because we are jewelry makers, we can handle any kind of complex repairs, including rebuilding old and worn pieces. Our artisans will inspect and diagnose the best options to restore your precious heirlooms.

Other Dejan Studio Jewelry repair and restoration services include:

  • Stone Replacement & Tightening, including soft stones like opals & emeralds
  • Chain and ring soldering
  • Broken chain repair
  • Clasp replacement
  • Gold and rhodium plating
  • Jewelry polishing

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