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Ring Proposals- Insider Tips for Men

Ring Proposals- Insider Tips for Men

24th Jul 2021

Last fall, my client Jesse J. posted some tips for men in the process of picking out the perfect engagement ring. He was kind enough to share this helpful information on Yelp about his experience for anyone who may be feeling a little bit nervous about getting an engagement fit for a queen and popping the big question.

Client photo of the happy couple below

Shopping for a wedding ring is a tough experience for a guy. I knew my now wife would not be into the bling of a giant rock so I started doing research for more unique rings for her. I learned that Old Town is a great place to shop for antique rings as there are tons of consignment shops and antiques jewelers.

I ducked out of work early one day and visited a half a dozen of these antiques stores. I looked at probably 50 rings but none of them struck me as something that would wow my soon to be fiancée. I was ready to head home and was walking back to my car when I remembered the Torpedo Factory. I walked in and one of the first shops I saw was Dejan Studio Jewelry. When I approached the glass I saw rings that I knew immediately my girlfriend would love. His work in some ways struck me as very cutting edge and tasteful, but simultaneously medieval which I liked because I felt it liked us somehow to the ancient tradition of marriage.

I looked at the rings, talked with Dejan, and then went around the corner to the bar to drink a beer to get the courage up to make the purchase. Went back, spoke more with Dejan - who is a great guy, and the two of us crafted a design for the perfect ring for my now wife.

The engagement ring turned out beautifully, and when I proposed my then turned fiancée loved it so much she couldn't stop starting at it. She also got tons of compliments from her friends, co-workers, and strangers.

From there, I purchased her wedding ring (also amazing and really complements the engagement ring), my own wedding ring, and a beautiful pair of gold earring for my lovely wife.

Guys, a couple of tips:

1. Have a ring with you with you when you propose (see Dejan about this)

2. Choose the ring yourself - I've heard about guys letting their girlfriends choose the engagement ring - talk about taking the excitement out of the experience for the girl

3. Give her parents a heads up about your intentions - it will ensure smoother relations for years to come

4. Make sure the proposal is a surprise and do it in a cool place because she will remember that moment forever

Good luck!

-Jesse J.

After Liz said yes, she came back with Jesse and they commissioned textured wedding rings, shown above. We are so happy for them!

To see more client photos and short stories about our commission rings, please visit You can also view more examples of custom engagement rings and wedding sets on our Commission page at

On the left is a one-of-a-kind river textured engagement ring made using client provided diamonds, on the bench. Also pictured is a custom wedding set made using an emerald-cut center diamond with baguettes and a diamond band made with raw uncut, and princess-cut diamonds.

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