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Opal Art Jewelry

Opal Art Jewelry

31st Jul 2021

Some of our most popular selling designs the past few years have been our opal pieces. Because of the popularity of this beautiful gem, we have been trying to add more designs to replace those that have found a nice home. Designs available to buy in our studio are featured above and below.

Each piece is made to be different from the next. The opal ring design below is made in sterlium plus silver (brighter than sterling silver) and 22K gold. We use higher carat gold with opals to make sure everything is set properly and protected. And of course, we like some sparkle from diamonds to go nicely with the opal’s fire. The river textured wider style below can even be worn 2 different ways just by flipping it around!

Because we are specializing in custom designs, we also have a very nice selection of loose stones to choose from. That means there are endless possibilities for different styles.

For example, we had someone who liked one specific opal and an existing ring design with a different opal gemstone. I was happy to remove the stone and use the one she liked the best in its place. We also filled in the holes on request, using 14K white gold and 22K gold.

Works in progress

If you would like to see more about the history of opal gemstones and other designs, please visit our post previously from the blog  here. You can also read about a custom design we made using a combination of client-provided opals and what we found to create a completely one-of-a-kind creation by going  here. You can also see more one-of-a-kind designs on our website at

Above & below are some of our newest opals for the showcase.

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