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Featuring the Severina Pendant - from the Timeless Collection

Featuring the Severina Pendant - from the Timeless Collection

23rd Jul 2021

This feminine necklace is the partner to the Aurelian bracelet series, which is fitting as Severina was the wife of Ancient Roman Emperor Aurelian.

The flexibility of this pendant is created by the use of multiple links on the reverse, just like in the Aurelian series, also part of the Timeless Collection. These connections on the back, not visible when being worn, achieve its flexibility and seamless movement.

The texture is inspired by the cobbled roads of the Roman Empire, rich in reliefs and layered with the tapestry of its enduring past and the historical secrets buried deep within them. The way the roads have worn but ultimately endured over time is reflected in this patina necklace’s seemingly perfect lightness and flexibility.

Patina is a method, often by use of chemicals, to create surface embellishments either for color, texture, or both. Patination composition varies with the reacted elements which determine the color of the patina. Sometimes the surface is enhanced by waxing, oiling, or other types of lacquers or clear-coats.

After spending time in Italy in the summer of 2011 and becoming increasingly interested in medieval architecture and art, I was reminded of the historic traditions of jewelry and also of the timeless beauty in the worn and broken medieval structures, especially Roman walls and worn church floors. This triggered memories of familiar historical motifs from my native Serbia, which influence my work. The mimicking of heavy textures and reliefs of these massive objects contribute to the sensual and tactile experience of my tiny pieces.

I want my work to create visual and spatial movement and for it to be viewed from multiple angles, thus the sides and interiors of my bracelets and rings, and reverse sides of my necklaces, show similar patterns and shapes. The overall shape of my work is broken down into components, comprising tiny details and worlds in their own right. They require magnification to execute and to fully experience them. My work becomes a conversation between the micro and macro worlds. At the same time, because my jewelry is made of such detailed and abstract forms, it blurs the distinction between the two worlds.

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